At ForkHire we understand for certain businesses purchasing material handling equipment is not as viable an option as renting. We can more than adequately support any rental needs of any nature at short notice to best suit your particular business every time.

ForkHire will answer your call for either a short-term or long-term rental option.

ForkHire’s extensive range of forklifts and warehouse equipment will always accommodate a rental/lease solution for you, ranging from as little as a day or for many years. Our fleet rental management programs extend generous flexibility for the optimum benefit of your business practices.

When observing rental options you gain anticipated budget manageability. Your operational costs can therefore be better adjusted when assessing your minimum fleet size requirement. Additionally, the allowance for rapid action during times of great demand is assured with ease.

At ForkHire we adopt a simplistic approach to custom made, short or long-term rental agreement at an efficient pace to save you the anguish of any obstruction to business flow.

Short-term rental options allow for immediacy of action in response to a particular circumstance with the provision of a predicted outlay.

Long-term rental options grant you the benefits of usage without the liability of ownership.

Quite simply whatever you rental needs contact us.

Benefits to your business

  • Utilising forklifts during peak periods of time rather than having to commit financially long-term.
  • Accessibility to latest model forklifts
  • Flexibility regarding terms
  • Scheduled maintenance to service may be built into monthly rate
  • Ordinary monthly fess apply – minimizing capital up front
  • When cashing in a present fleet, significant capital will be freed up – serving your business effectively by promoting pure growth
  • ForkHire’s administration of its term rental arrangement provides operational costs on a yearly basis – rendering both budgeting and cost-control easy
  • Term rental address the issue of inflation positively, functioning with today’s cost in tomorrow’s environment
  • The latest technology is accesses via rental, ensuring OH+S standards are thoroughly meet and only further enhancing operator satisfaction and resulting in improved timeliness in the execution of tasks.

Some reasons why you should rent forklifts from Fork Hire

  • Your business will not be burdened – avoiding any loss of productivity and allowing yourself to manage your fundamental business interest in a an efficient and timely manner
  • Long-term forklift rental costs may be deducted from income. However purchases are covered by the funds of shareholders of equipment. Lessening the need for an unnecessary surplus of equipment. In the event of a change in circumstances, ForkHire is able to supply short-term rental equipment for those high demand periods and for seasonal necessities
  • Long-term forklift rental includes coverage for all general maintenance and repairs throughout the specified term of agreement – avoiding any unaccounted for loss of expense to yourself
  • Long-term forklift rental agreements need not be demonstrated as a liability in company financial statements. However leases governed by accounting standards ASRB 1008, must comply with balance sheet disclosure